Pointers for writing reviews:

Reviews can be infinitely helpful to other shoppers, provided they are honest and factual. All reviews should accurately reflect your own firsthand buying experience. Concentrate on relevant points of your overall experience such as (but not limited to) delivery, customer service, etc.

State your opinions, but be fair in doing so, and please have a look at our guidelines, which you will find below.
These ensure that everyone can benefit from Trustpilot.


Reviews must be written within 24 months of purchase if:

  • You have placed an order or made a purchase from the company (or if a person from the household has done so; however, only one review per order number per household)
  • You have or had a valid user profile on the website, in case of forums, dating, gaming sites, etc.

Trustpilot reserves the right to alter reviews in the event that:

  • Names of Trustpilot users, company owner and/or employees are included in the review. These may be removed.
  • References to other companies and websites (including links) are included. Again, these may be removed from the review.

Reviews can be deleted from Trustpilot if:

  • The reviewer has created multiple profiles to review the same company multiple times.
  • The review contains violent or coarse language and the user has not changed the review after being notified by Trustpilot.
  • The review is written by a competitor
  • It can be shown that the reviewer is or was an employee of the company or the reviewer is the company owner
  • The review is not based on a factual shopping experience (see above), or the review pertains to an imposed tax or a fine.
  • Contents of the review are based solely on ethical, political and/or value-oriented positions as opposed to a factual shopping experience
  • The review only describes the functionality of the purchased product or of the website's layout. Provided the review does include a description of the product's quality or service, it is acceptable to evaluate the purchased product's functionality, quality and/or website layout as well. We will evaluate on a case-by-case basis, if needed, and our decision cannot be escalated.
  • Reviews that do not comply with applicable UK / US / local country law
  • Those reviews that have been evaluated in our internal quality process and whose reliability has been assessed as questionable *

Reviews CANNOT be removed on the basis of the following:

  • The company and user disagree on the course of events. It is practically impossible to prove who is right and in these cases, we recommend that the company replies to the review so that other users can see their version of the matter.
  • If the user should have awarded maybe two or three stars, but have awarded only one.
  • The assessment is "unfair" because, for example: it was a mistake from the supplier. If the reviewer had an experience with the company and is unhappy, we cannot relate to whether it is appropriate for the reviewer to be unhappy. There are simply too many factors involved to make such a decision, so these types of issues are left to be resolved at the discretion of the involved parties.

*We monitor several parameters, including IP addresses, e-mail and other technical information.